Babbu Mann New Song ‘Barish Ke Bahane’ Promises Lots of Filthy Scenes

One of the most controversial singers in the Punjabi music industry Babbu Mann who is famous for his hogging and foul mouth, yet again raise a controversy and this time with his new music “Barish Ke Bahane”. The song contains with lots of sexual content that is too filthy in Pollywood. Many of his fans condemn this song and displeased over this controversy, while some of his die hard fans support him.

Barish Ke Bahane music video surely needs to be banned due to their extreme content, generally sexual in nature. The Punjabi Music Industry cannot allow music videos that promote sexual content.

The most amazing and beautiful fact about our Punjabi Cinema and Punjabi music industry is that you can watch movies and music videos without checking censor’s rating or reading reviews of the film. But such videos will definitely down the reputation of the industry.

Mann’s timeline flooded with harsh comments because of his new tawdry music video.

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