‘Main Teri Tu Mera’ : Movie Review – Spoiler Ahead


Spoiler Ahead! Please do not read the following post if you do not see the movie yet!


Roshan Prince as Amru is a 24-year-old young man who fed up of getting rejected by many girls. One day he visits the Chandigarh with Mankirat Aulakh in the hope of getting meet with some beautiful where he saws an image of Jazz Sodhi. Jazz is the one who appear in his dreams and finally one day, in reality, Amro sees her.

He tells her about his dreams and impresses her with his accent and she also falls in love with him but Mankirat Aulakh also loves Jazz Sodhi (Simran).

Main Teri Tu Mera Review

So basically It is a love triangle movie and I hate those directors who continue to make films on a love triangle and love story that has no such feeling of true love. The filmmakers should understand that serving same boring love triangle movies would not give you an IIFA & Oscar. I’ve seen 58 minutes of a movie and I’m completely in lost. I WANT MY MONEY BACK 🙁 :p

Mankirat Aulakh & Yamini Malhotra bad acting and predictable screenplay will make you cringe.

The only good thing in the ‘main teri tu mera movie‘ is the Roshan Prince acting and Karamjit Anmol comedy scenes.

Rating: one and a half out of five

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Main Teri Tu Mera Review
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Main Teri Tu Mera Spoiler Ahead! Bad Acting, Predictable screenplay, poor direction and worst music will make you cringe.

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