Main Teri Tu Mera Trailer Has Love, Drama And Mayhem, Watch Now


Upcoming Punjabi movie Main Teri Tu Mera is just over one month away from hitting theaters and we’ve decided to throw together a handy guide for Main Teri Tu Mera that includes all the details and reports regarding the film that have been circulating on social media and in newspapers.

After seeing a trailer “Main Teri Tu Mera” it will confirm that the film has Love, drama, and Mayhem. Why I used Mayhem word in the title? because the movie was not enough to give you an insight into what the film is all about, the only think I’ve got to know after seeing a trailer teaser is that it is a love story triangle.

I’m not a huge fan of love stories, Pollywood movies directors Please! just stop right there! God! almost every Punjabi movie is based on love triangles.

Main Teri Tu Mera Story

Roshan Prince a day dreamer rural boy getting married to Yamini Malhotra who is fall in love with Mankirt Aulakh who is a friend of Roshan Prince. The most interesting and confusable part of the trailer is the role of Jazz Sodhi, It’s fair to say that anyone who see the trailer definitely gets a headache after her appearance.

Roshan has a dream of that he’ll marry with a gorgeous and beautiful girl (Jazz Sodhi). Every time he met with her in his dreams, she tells her “Tenu pta main tenu kina pyar krdi aa” and one day, in reality, she suddenly met with Roshan and tell him “Tenu pta main tenu kina pyar krdi aa”. That’s the confusing part of the trailer.


Star Cast: Roshan Prince, Mankirt Aulakh, Jazz Sodhi, Yamini Malhotra, Karamjit Anmol, and Mannat Singh.
Directed by: Ksshitij Chaudhary
Produced by: Sanghera Gurjit and Lakhveer Singh Azad
Production: Yabblee Entertainment
Story, Screenplay: Pali Bhupinder Singh
Releasing Date: 19th August.

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Roshan Prince


Roshan Prince will be the delight for his fans, especially for a girl! He is definitely a watcher in this film.

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Mankirt Aulakh


Mankirt Aulakh the debut actor have a very interesting role in the film, and he is fit in his role.

Yamini Malhotra


Yamini Malhotra performance is fairly awesome and surprisingly the chemistry with Roshan Prince is too good and her smile, God I love her smile and her gorgeous eyes, I’m getting lost in her eyes.