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Kulraj Randhawa was last seen for ‘Double Di Trouble’ in 2014. It’s been a while since she hit the big screen and fans are curious about what the actress has been up to. This month the curiosity has been fed because Most gorgeous Bollywood actress Kulraj Randhawa is back as Needhi Singh in the movie ‘Needhi Singh‘ directed by Jaivi Dhanda.

Kulraj Randhawa plays Needhi Singh a fun loving girl who lives in a Punjab’s small village ‘Bhagowal’. Needhi faces an extremely difficult and heart breaking situation when one day her best friend who gets raped by Ashish Duggal, sarpanch of Bhagowal village and his brother.

Needhi’s best friend loses her life after raped. Now Needhi stands up against Sarpanch and his brother and fights against him until she wins.

There is a special appearance of Gurdas Mann in this movie. Ashish Duggal’s acting is also very good and his role ultimately suits on him.

Kulraj Randhawa acting, action, dialogues and her fun loving character makes this movie more interesting and great.

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As I’ve tell YOU In my previous post If you’re a fan of Anushka Sharma’s ‘NH10’ movie, then go watch Needhi Singh, it tells a very important and learning story of a struggling girl who never gives up on Social harassment social evils and continues her fight until she killed her friend rapists.

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Needhi Singh Review
  • Review by Jasmit Kaur Sandhu


It is an impressively great movie, with lots of action and drama, and yes with lots of emotions, It makes you cry, but not a lot. I'll give 3.5 stars.