Satbir Singh: First Sikh To Become Face of Diversity in Australian Army


Officer Cadet Satbir Singh Kahlon who came from India in 2002 become the first Turbaned Sikh is a face of diversity in Australian Army. Satbir also featured in some of AFL Multicultural Round videos.

Satbir Singh who is a proud Sikh says that his chest expands 30 to 48 when he puts Australian Army uniform on.


Satbir talks about his experience in Australian Army and who he get up early to tie his turban during his training, in order to be in his proper attire, in an Interview.

Satbir says ” I came from India in 2002. I was always fascinated about Australia
and its culture, obviously working two part-time jobs and studying full-time degree as come with more responsibilities.

There has been very big support from my family and my wife to be the part of the army because I think when you do something for a bigger goal you try to remain very focused and that’s what I have found out since day one and my wife has supported me always.

Every Sikh has to be retirement you have to be read every day and I’m going to Kapooka on my training I was given additional time to tie my turban on physical training days, I was informed of the activities we going to do so I can dress in appropriate attire.

One of the things I just love it is putting this uniform on and have my name on it when I put it on my chest guys from 30 to 48.


The first day I walked in I feel a little sense of belonging here and I was welcomed by everyone I guess it was one team one goal no differences between us.

Like any other kid, you called your dad and tell them what’s going on and he used to always ask me how many Australian friends you got apart from Indian, he was more curious in that but if I do when i become more diverse and learn more about cultures.

I have to not only make Indian friends but my friends from other religious and other
cultures and I think I’ve been very blessed I’ve got a very big group of friends who
belong to different communities.

I’m officer Officer Cadet Satbir Singh Kahlon and part of Army Reserves and I’m a proud Sikh.

Source: AFL Multicultural Round