Top 10 Ways to Style the Turban For Sikh Boys

Turban/Pagg/Dastar is the most adorable thing that Sikh tenth guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji gives to Sikhs. Sikh who wore a turban naturally looks so adorable & cute. But modern era Sikh boys, especially in Punjab, boys think that they do not look good with a pagg. So most of the Sikh boys cut their hair when they come to high school or college.

They think that they do not find girlfriends because girls do not like dastar wearing boys, Oh please, just stop right there, almost every Punjabi girl want to marry a Sikh boy.

Today in this post I will be going to share some of the Hottest and breathtaking dastar wearing Sikh boys pictures which make you feel so proud and after seeing these ten pictures, believe me, you definitely start tie-ing Dastar.

If you’re looking for a perfect turban style that makes you look more stylish and handsome, then look no further. In this huge post, you’ll find the best Top 10 Ways to Style the Turban.

  1. Ammy Virk – Patiala Sahi Pagg


2. Diljit Dosanjh – Amritsar Sahi Pagg


3. Shaheed Sardar Bhagat Singh Style Turban


5. Jordan Sandhu’s Pochvi Pagg


6. Ranjit Bawa – Patiala Shahi


7. Dumalla Dastar


8. Easy to Wear Parna


9. Mehtab Virk Style


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